Hi! My name is Dr. Patricia Donworth. I live and practice in Miami, Florida where I offer The ReconnectionTM and Reconnective HealingTM to the South Florida area including Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. Career-wise, I've been a university and hospital chaplain for 25 years, and have offered on-site and distance healing in various modalities, including Reiki, laying on of hands, Reconnective Healing, and various forms of quantum energetics.


Pat Donworth and Eric Pearl

Back in April 2001, I picked up Dr. Eric Pearl's book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, and my hands immediately began vibrating, as if a low-grade electrical current were passing through them. This sensation continued for three days, during which time I had a repetitive dream of learning Reconnective HealingTM from a circle of guides.

I immediately made arrangements to meet with Dr. Pearl.

I invited Eric to Connecticut for a booksigning, and hosted an info night and Levels I and II in Milford CT. I completed Levels I & II (Milford CT, '01), and was reconnected by Eric's sister, Robin, in August 2001. I completed the Level III training in Austin TX ('02), and have been offering The ReconnectionTM since January 2002.

Those I’ve worked with have reported that the effects of Reconnective Healing are not just physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual. Typical effects include deep peace and relaxation, a feeling of well-being and balance. Connecting with the Universe allows the higher frequencies to permeate, upgrade, and empower our DNA, energy field, chakras and meridians. Anything positive and wonderful can happen when we “let go and let God/Universe/RH frequencies” permeate our being with Love. That is what Reconnective Healing is about:  being permeated with Love. Love, the true and only healer. 

Reconnective Healing is immersing oneself in Love and letting go, so Love can heal as it desires. Love knows what each of us really needs. There is no degree to miracles. Dis-ordered, unbalanced or dis-eased energy patterns or thought-forms, a broken heart, a saddened or heavy spirit . . . Love heals all . . . in the manner it chooses. We let go and receive.

Reconnective Healing may coincide with what we think we need and expect, or it may not. As Dr. Pearl says, "If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of--one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you." Read more ...

The Reconnection is a powerful axiatonal realignment that reconnects our 3-D meridian system with the 5-D meridian/circulatory system. It’s all Us! We’re connecting to the deeper, grander, vaster part of who we are. That’s why Reconnection is about “coming Home.” Home to our true Self.  In this amazing time of Shift and Awakening Consciousness, The Reconnection is a powerful way to glide into our planetary awakening.

“. . . the Reconnection prepares us for making this transition into the shift that is occurring right now. Without having to wait for the slow and arbitrary process of multigenerational mutation and natural selection, we are continuing along our evolutionary paths toward the inevitable restructuring of our DNA.” – Eric Pearl

In my 10 years of offering The Reconnection, I have found it to be a powerful, life-changing, soul-deepening, and brain-awakening process that far exceeds any healing process I’ve experienced (and I have trained in and practiced many modalities).

If you find yourself ready to take the leap into your greater Self, to expand your Consciousness, to experience more what Love Is and how it can transform your life, as well as the lives of those around you, I invite you to consider experiencing The Reconnection. " Read more . . .

If you feel drawn to experience The ReconnectionTM or Reconnective HealingTM, please contact me at 305-668-1588 (land) or 305-632-6088 (cell). I can also be reached at patd@reconnectyourself.com.




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