the Reconnection in Miami, Florida with Pat Donworth

"The Reconnection is the umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe that allows for Reconnective Healing to take place. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth and are brought in via a spectrum of light and information that has never before been present on Earth. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect."

--Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself


Scientists speak of the Quantum Field, mystics of the 'sea of light'. Both are alluding to the 'ocean of energy' in which we live, move, and have our Being. Both agree that each 'particle' in this field--humans, plants, animals, stars, galaxies--is connected with every other particle. Not only are we 'connected' but we are 'multi-dimensional' at the same time; that is, we exist across a broad spectrum of finer and higher frequencies beyond our third dimensional existence. As we reconnect and awaken to the depths of the Light that we are, we begin to be aware of these various dimensions.

The Reconnection is about connecting our personal energy grid system (i.e. acupuncture lines and subtle anatomy, including chakras) with the energy grid system of the greater universe. When we connect with the greater energy grid, we receive an influx of light and information that completely transforms our body-mind-spirit.

Imagine your personal energy grid as a computer 'operating system'. The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing basically upgrade Originally, the meridian lines, sometimes called acupuncture lines, on our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet. These grid lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe. Over time we became disconnected from these lines.

The Reconnection brings in "new" axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and, ultimately, for our evolution. These axiatonal lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, a parallel-dimensional circulatory system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.

The Reconnection brings in and activates these new lines, allowing for the exchange of energy, light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of 'strings' (simultaneously occurring - or parallel - planes of existence).
your system exponentially! Circuits fly open. New connections are made. Dormant DNA is awakened. Huge amounts of "new" information pours in. Your energy lines connect with, what J.J. Hurtak calls, 'axiatonal lines', circuits of the higher frequency grids, that open the flow to these higher dimensions. You are now able to receive light and information that your system was not able to receive or process before.

It's impossible to describe the awakenings, knowings, insights, 'ahas!', connections, or quantum leaps in knowledge that occur when you receive, or are awakened to, more Light, or to the greater, vaster Being that You are. In fact, The Reconnection is about restoring yourself to spiritual wholeness. It's about releasing or removing the blocks or interferences that have kept you separate from your intrinsic perfection. It's about the restructuring of your DNA and your reconnection to the universe on a new level.

How does The Reconnection session work?

The Reconnection takes place in two sessions, each session lasting about 45-60 minutes. You’ll lie on a massage table, shoes off, eyes closed. Sessions take place on consecutive days or with one day in-between. The Reconnection is a touch-free procedure.

Cost for the two-session Reconnection is $333.

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